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PROGRAMS for 2018

Friday May 11 at 2 p.m. in Meeting Room

Cooking Floridian for Two at Home.
Can it be Fast, Frugal and Fun? You Bet!
Award-Winning Cookbook Author Warren Caterson Shows You How
 Palm Coast USA - My, how quickly things change. Just a few short years ago, restaurants were booming and cooking at home was something one watched on TV, but rarely attempted in real life. Then something shifted. In a big way. Perhaps it was the economy. Or a desire to eat healthier. For whatever reason, people wanted to rediscover the joy of cooking.
Recognizing that need, Chef Warren Caterson wrote the award-winning cookbooks Table for Two – The Cookbook for Couples and Table for Two - Back for Seconds (Winfield & Scott Press) each featuring over 235 recipes using fresh and readily available ingredients. Now he has taken his passion on the road with an entertaining and energetic presentation that will inspire your inner chef while tickling your taste buds.

Join Chef Warren as he shows you how to prepare quick and healthy meals using a variety of seafood, poultry and meat with locally grown fruits and vegetables. He will explain the various cultures that have contributed to Floridian cuisine and how it rivals the lauded Mediterranean cuisine for its health benefits and ease of preparation. He also shares creative ways to use fruit and spices to liven up run-of-the mill entrees, healthy options for your next cookout, and deliciously simple desserts that will wow your guests.

Chef Warren will end his presentation with a cooking demonstration, preparing a healthy entrée that anyone can replicate in his or her own home in less than 15 minutes.  Tastings at end of the program.

Friday May 18 at 2 p.m. Meeting Room

Gardening Program for aid in helping a storm damaged yard. Discover how to identify a potentially salt damaged tree, select native plants that may have a better survival rate.  Learn how to plan and protect your yard or garden for future evens if sent to us y Mother Nature.  Refreshments by Friends of the Library.

Friday May 25 at noon - Cisney Room

Musical start of summer with Malt Shop Memories group

DooWap and Old Tyme Rock and Roll singing group to start your toes tapping and bring back your memories of "Where was I back when....."  Relax, enjoy and greet old friends in our wonderful Flagler County Public Library.

Music to bring regain summers past.  Begins at 12:00 noon and refreshments will be provided by Friends of the Library.







6/16 9AM - 1PM FOL Book and Bake Sale. Make your selections for the next best beach read or, your next vacation.

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